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Hallo! I've got 600 words of... um. something. It aspires to be a real fic, but misses by a mile, I think. D: Anyway, it's Gokusen, ShinKumi, mangaverse, except Kumiko suddenly veers off into her drama form at the end. *fails*

The first time, Shin pulls back and says "want to?" while lazily, carelessly running a hand through his hair, and Kumiko says "eh?" in flustered half-clothed confusion before Shin makes the kind of hand gesture that proves he really did belong at Shirokin, and even, perhaps, excelled there.

Comprehension dawns.

Kumiko doesn't even have to put her shirt back on to flatten him.

The second time, they make it all the way to second base before the door is wrenched open and there comes a cheerful cry of, "OJOU~"

There is no third time.

(It's actually not the fault of Tetsu and Minoru, who had apologized profusely for interrupting the conception of the Fifth Generation Head -- it's just that Kyou-san, after his initial horror at his Kumiko-chan's impending deflowering, had wink-nudged Shin in the ribs and whispered loudly that maybe the young red lion master could employ the techniques he'd learned then, right? And Kumiko had narrowed her eyes and demanded, "then? when Sawada came back drunk and with panties in his pocket?" and suddenly she was declaring she just wasn't in the mood anymore.

She remained Not In The Mood for three weeks.

"That's life, kid," Kyou told Shin, with a slap on the back. "You think the break's gonna be nice and clean, but then the other bastard pulls a knife -- " and it just figures Shin would have to fall for a yakuza woman, wouldn't it.)

Luckily, Kumiko re-discovers her passion when Shin brings her flowers in apology.

(He doesn't think anything's his fault, but he figures flowers are the kind of thing women like. Kumiko turns out to be no exception, crossing her arms and saying "I still don't forgive you," even as she keeps sneaking glances at the flowers -- on her dresser, in a vase, tied with a red bow -- when she thinks Shin isn't looking.)

They finally, finally make love, and there are no interruptions, insinuations or creative hand gestures. No one gets kicked in the face. Shin takes his time, kisses her languidly, trails his fingers down her stomach, and Kumiko alternates between a breathy "S-Sawada!" and "C'MON, WHAT ARE YA PLAYIN' AT, DO YOU REALLY CALL YOURSELF A MAN?!"

It's nice. A little awkward in places, and Shin's kind of bruised by the end, but nice.

Then, afterwards, he rolls over and tries to go to asleep.

"No way!" Kumiko says. She grabs his shoulder and yanks him back to her, drawing him close to her face. "This is the part where we talk! Talk! I am a girl, you know."

"Kuma never wanted to talk," Shin says.

Kumiko stares.

"You -- Kuma -- ?" She falters. "Not that I'd judge -- I -- I was your teacher -- and you two, you were both my precious students no matter what -- it was probably a very natural thing!" she adds, in a burst of inspiration. "The two of you, best friends since grade school, bullied by scum that didn't deserve to be called teachers!"

She slammed her fist in her palm. "That's right! It was a love that blossomed over time! Under prejudice!"

She looked off into the distance, determinedly. "It was beautiful," she says firmly. "It came to end as you matured, but it was pure and untouched in its day. I -- I'm almost a little jealous, except I know you've grown past your schoolboy days. You're mine." (This part sounds like a little threatening.) "And I... I'm yours."

Kumiko looks at the body beside her, her face a picture of love and devotion.

Shin's rolled back over, and is snoring soundly.

"HEY. Sawada! Wait, were you just saying that so you could sleep?! Sawada!"
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