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Throwing acid is wrong in some people's eyes.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Taiwan took Rush Hour, mated it with Time Between Dog and Wolf, then pimped out the babies with a side of hallucinogenics? :D :D

Black and White (behold the subtlety of the images), a new twdrama about a duo of mismatched cops fighting a drug conspiracy. One is a flashy flirt absolutely useless in a real crisis, and the other is a straight-shooting badass with no patience for his shit. It's like watching Eliot Spencer try to contain Patrick Jane.

There's also the hardcore lady gangster who FLIPS A GROWN MAN OVER HIS POLICE CAR. OH YES. OH YES. My favorite scene is when they haul her in for questioning and Zai Tian (Mr. Suave) ties her to the seat with this MASSIVE overkill of rope, and his partner demands to know what he's thinking, because they don't treat suspects like that! And Zai Tian is all sulky and whines, "She bites." And you realize he was that afraid of her, even locked up in the police station. HAHAHAHA.

She's so awesome I don't know who I ship her with. On one hand, she already schooled the crap out of Zai Tian and shot him three times in the chest, which is clearly a precursor to love. On the other hand, Ying Xiong is the only guy not afraid to get in her personal space with crazy sexual chemistry, and there's something amazing about a couple drawing lines on opposite sides of the law. (He tells her not to kill anyone or he'll have to catch her. Her reply is pretty much "Bring it, copper.")

Oh, and this happens. Somewhere. (Pic stolen from dangermousie, ever the crack dealer.)

I love crime dramas. There's always so much plot.
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